Storage Expansion

It’s a simple & easy way. Just Increasing Your Storage capacity with your Existing NVR

Network video recorder is the core component for IP-based video surveillance system. An enterprise-grade NVR can support high quality real-time video/audio monitoring, megapixel resolution recording, and playback from multiple IP cameras. Generally, an Enterprise-grade NVR also can be used as a network video server. It is based on high performance hardware + advanced video management software. It’s usually a enterprise grade computer which may use Quad-core processor and up to 8GB DDR3 memory. The NVR is capable of recording videos from up to 64 IP cameras, delivering exceptional performance with up to 450 Mbps throughput to ensure stable recording of multiple megapixel IP cameras.

How much storage a NVR can hold is an important factor to consider. Small size or lower end NVRs often allow for 1 or 2 hard drives. The more advanced units can often accommodate 4 or 8 hard drives internally. Some commercial NVR will allow for RAID (redundant storage) configuration. . It’s recommended to choose the NVR has eSATA port, the eSATA port allows your NVR to extend to unlimited storage capacity, that’s the great advantage of NVR storage capacity increasing.