Frequently Asked Questions


HD Network Video Recorder NVR

Your DVR/NVR uses the Linux-embedded OS, it should boot properly if it doesn’t encounter any hardware problem. However, all most DVRs/NVRs have been designed with fault detecting algorithm, if the recorder can not recognize the connected HDDs, it will keep rebooting.

Intending to check whether the reboot error has been caused by issues related to the HDD, you can disconnect HDD and boot recorder. If the recorder boots without HDD, then HDD is not recognizable or is not compatible.

Yet it’s unlikely the recorder can not recognize the HDD, you may try to re-connect the HDD and boot it again. Typically this will solve the problem. If the DVR/NVR still can not boot properly, please check the possibilities as below:

  • HDD is not compatible with the recorder.
  • Defective of HDD, then replace the HDD.
  • SATA cable is defective, replace the SATA cable.
  • The recorder connects to the wrong AC/DC power adapter (HDD requires sufficient current on the initial running).
  • If input voltage is not stable or it is too low, then change the power supply and cable.
  • CMOS button cell battery ran out, replace the CMOS battery on recorder’s motherboard.
  • The hardware malfunction, then replace it.
NVR Restart Continuously

1) The program does not match:

       When upgrading a new program, the version were locked mini panel program, if the machine’s panel has arrow keys, Keypad, after upgrade the main program, please upgrade a 01_mianban.update more. Otherwise it will cause every 3-5 minutes automatically restart the phenomenon.

       If your front panel is metal aluminum, Or non-digital, directional buttons plastic panel, Only such a panel for two lights and a USB interface, It is a mini panel program itself, you do not need to upgrade.

2) Upgrading wrong program

       After the NVR wrong firmware upgrade, will be unable to start up or frequent restart failures,

Please not worry and contact your supplier, get U disk boot upgrade program, or U disk automatically RUU rescue. NVR will be a great chance of success can rescue without Depot Repair.

3)   Losing the program

NVR missing the flash program can also be used to upgrade U disk boot program. If the underlying program lost, can get the flash hardware to repaired by themselves from supplier, or Depot Repair.

NVR some problems exist in image Preview or Playback

Case 1:  Can search out IP, but cannot get image both on Multi-screen (sub stream) and Single-screen (main stream);

Case 2:  Single-screen (main stream) has images; but Multi-screen (sub stream) gets black screen;

Case 3:  Multi-screen (sub stream) has images, but Single-screen (main stream) or playback get black screen or images freezing;

Case 4:  Images or screen become mess.

NVR are compatible with different brands and resolution of IPC and it is important that NVR select the correct stream type.

It is common to see above 4 cases. All are relevant to the setting up of “Setting→Device→Device info→Stream Type”.

      The first three values of NVR must match the IPC. The value of main stream, sub stream and the reference frame must be equal to or less than the value of NVR stream type. Then, please restarting your NVR after you choose and save the NVR Stream Type.

The first value means the channel numbers that NVR can access to IPC and resolution of NVR main stream; “Sub” means the resolution of NVR Sub Stream; “Ref” means the NVR reference frame that NVR can access to the IPC; “Play” means the playback channel numbers in this stream type.

  1. Solution for Case 1 Solution: Can search out IP, but cannot get image

                 >  Adjust to the correct stream type and choose “4ref”, Ambarella modules need “4ref” support;

                 >  Whether the IP address of IPC and NVR are in the same network segment;

                 >  Check the user name and password whether they are correct;

                 >  The protocol of IPC has not been integrated or NVR firmware is too old. Updating Latest NVR firmware needs to get confirmation from the factory Tech person.

  1. Solution for Case 2: Single-screen (main stream) has images; but Multi-screen (sub stream) gets black screen

                >  Adjusting NVR Stream Type and “Sub” choose the “720×576”. Here please pay attention to whether the resolution of main stream matches the IPC;

                >  Adjusting the Sub Stream of IPC through the IPC or Client software. Resolution chooses VGA or CIF;

                >  Updating NVR firmware.

  1. Solution for Case 3: Multi-screen (sub stream) has image; but Single-screen (main stream) or playback get black screen or images freezing

               >  Adjusting NVR Stream Type, choose 1920×1080;

               >  Adjusting Main Stream of IPC through IPC or Client Software, resolution changes to 960P or 720P.

  1. Solution for Case 4: Image or screen become mess

              >  The solution is same to Case 3. If the full screen gets mess, it may be due to the displayer, display cables or hardware failures of NVR. Then, please check the resolution of displayer and try to connect to another displayer or cables.

NVR no image or image not stable

1)  Occupied stream of IPC exceeds the total resource stream of NVR, we suggest to choose 3M for the Main Stream and to choose 512K for the Sub Stream;

2)  NVR firmware is too old and firmware version needs to be updated;

3)  Ethernet switch backplane bandwidth is deficient. NVR of more than 16 channels needs to get access to a Gigabit Ethernet switch not lower than 48G in Gbps. And this switch shouldn’t have network management behavior management function, or it will limit the speed, restart the NVR, images can all show, images will drop a few, or images are all black, restart the NVR then it will be normal;

4)  Carefully check out IP address is conflicted or not. If there is device sharing the IP address which is conflict with NVR local IP address in network, it happens to have image flickering every second. Probably it may have such a phenomenon that image occurs in 1st channel and next second in 3rd channel, then next second has no idea in which channel.

5)  The 64channel NVR Model with 9HDD, must insert two Network lines, otherwise under the mode of 64ch 960P, appear 20 pictures only, if you switch to a 36ch 1080P mode, only appears 12 images at most.

The reason is that: 9HDD 64ch dual Ethernet ports NVR adopt 2 pieces 3535 chip, Sub-master and from the film, two Ethernet ports correspond to two chips, So two Ethernet ports must be plugged in and plugged into the same switch, can you take full image.