IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) Solution

Facial Recognition to 99% Accuracy

Face detection is a smart identification technological method being used in a variety of applications that identifies human faces in digital images. Face-detection algorithms focus on the detection of frontal human faces. It is analogous to image detection in which the image of a person is matched bit by bit. Image matches with the image stores in database. Any facial feature changes in the database will invalidate the matching process.

> Our VSENSE NVR 1-Channel Face detection built-in,Min.Pixel: 20*20; Tracking 3 people face at the same time

> Face Recognition : Matches the Face to that in the database.

> Cost effective smart identification.



Cross-Line Detection/ Perimeter Detection

Line Crossing detection is designed to work in most indoor and outdoor environment. An event will be triggered every time when the camera detects objects crossing a defined virtual line. The line crossing feature is useful to perimeter monitoring and protecting applications.

For instance, the security operator can draw a virtual line as the perimeter protection – someone has passed into a restricted area, the IVA will set off an alarm. Most importantly, the IVA can be achieved merely on NVR, it doesn’t need your IP cameras to get involved. Therefore it works with regular megapixel IP cameras.

Smart cameras allow to set up to four lines at a time. There are three direction modes to choose for triggering alarm. “A→B” means when there is any object crossing the line from the “A” side to the “B” side, the alarm will be triggered. “B→A” vice versa. “A ↔ B” means that the alarm will be triggered when objects cross line from either side.



Using your mouse to draw a virtual line, the camera can count how many people enter or exit during the setting period. Users can set the detection virtual line, and set the detection schedule time, also set the threshold to trigger alarm, you can select what actions the camera should perform once an alarm occurs.


Missing Object Detection

This is the way of protecting valuables without any human monitoring. User can select the objects which need to be watched by the camera. Whenever object is found missing, then system will generate alarms.

Your camera will acts as a virtual guard for the valuable objects. With this analytic 24x7 monitoring of the valuable objects is possible. User can also configure the time after which alarm should be raised once the system detects missing object.